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Prisoner in the unknown (..)

I’m back with news, but I cannot pass over some important steps …

On June 26th, 2014, less than two months after the broadcast of the first report by Moldova1 about my story, a group of people, members of PDM Botanica, Valentina Rotaru, together with TD Botanica, being sensitized of my case, visited me in order to support me morally and financially. They managed to collect an imposing amount (ten thousand MDL) to make it possible to visit the Brussels clinic.

„We was overwhelmed by Irina’s sad story. It’s a pity not to help this special person with high intellectual abilities. She coped with many challenges and despite illness, graduated of two faculties, she is a good example to follow. We hope that our gesture will be followed by others in good faith, so Irina can be diagnosed properly and be administered suitable treatment. We want to see her back home & we hope of her recovery”, said Valentina Rotaru, President of PDM Organization Botanica.

Mihai Manolache, representative of TD Botanica Organization, said: „I read your story on the Internet (with reference to ) and we wanted to know you. Aged 27 years, it is one so fragile and we wish you to get better, to start a family. We are with you with whole soul and you can always count on us.

Details about this event can be found here:

For the first time my case get read by the public due to Ojovan Lilia (Lilu) , article picked up by various publications:,, .

Here I should mention the financial support came from the NGO „Concordia. Social Projects ” delegated by Larisa Barat, who said:” ... many people are with you and we wish you well. Everyone has hidden treasures in their hearts, you just need to open it, to hear the cry for help of their fellows and not stay deaf to the cries. You have a desire so natural, a huge optimism, power & strength to match, so you should be successful, the Catholic Religious Mission „Caritas Moldova”, the Foundation of a group of Moldovan from Ireland & to all the people who have not remained indifference, friends, colleagues, relatives & to my family.

I will not mention names because I’m afraid to overlook someone. Everyone had a significant role, some came with financial support, others with good thoughts & original ideas, who are auspicious.

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