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Prisoner in the unknown (.)


        Irina is 27 years old and has a long lifetime ahead. She wants to start a family, to embrace a profession and to hold her kids hand.  But her dreams were dashed eight years ago when Irina found that she suffers from a serious bone disease. Irina needs money for a treatment at a clinic in Belgium.
        The disease has’t hindered Irina to go to university every day, accompanied by her older sister & to succeed by graduating with two faculties.
        Daniela Rotaru (sister) – The road is long, expensive and we go ahead, but we need the support of the big hearted people, the generous people, which can give us support both morally and financially. Please help us.
        The girl’s  family came to despair, the relatives are always beside her, and parents no longer have power to fight against the illness of their daughter. Irina could pass more easily over this drama if she had the opportunity to get to Belgium in a recovery clinic.
        Irina Teșcureanu – After a long time searching, I found a trickle of hope to cling to get well. For this departure to Belgium I make a call to all the people with big hearts to help me as much as they can. Because I want to be healthy, to be able to walk, to run, to be more independent, and to create my family, to hug my children.
        Irina needs our help to make a family and to have a beautiful future. That is why any amount donated in the accounts displayed on the screen is welcome and increases the chances of Irina’s healing.

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