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July 4, 2015

It is indisputable to not publish these thoughts.I will talk about beautiful feelings that had dresse my soul in clothes for holiday, I will talk about beautiful people who chosed to dance with me. I’m irritated that I let these thoughts so far on the shelf of gray cabinet of my mind.

July 4 – for many people this day says nothing… For the others this is the date when a new destiny was born, or the date when a dream climbed to a new peak of glory, the date when a new nation was born, or the date when flourished new doings. This date has different connotations for the calendar of each people.

For two people I love, the date of July 4, 2015 is a memorable day when they have decided to go together along the same road. The day when their wings were lifted above, the day when their dreams merged with a higher power and with enormous energy that breaks all barriers to become reality and to prosper, the day when „me and you”, „mine and yours” turned into „US and  OURS”.

Emotions, feelings, love…are qualities that underlie a couple. But time makes us fall in love more and more intense, and all this are formalized by marriage. A happy couple is like two twin hearts that are linked forever! The wedding is a visit card of newlyweds, a memory that is kept over the years and chronicled to us forever. Every couple dreams that the most important day of their life to gain color, diversity and uniqueness.

Daniela and Matthew Betts (my sis and my bro), I sincerely confess that you gave me hope and belief that true love  realy exists.That  deep feeling that most people label it as untouchable, that feeling is actually a real one. It gives that glitter in the eyes, and  because, every day, always indefatigable, shows to the world what means the arth to love. Your relationship, your love story, seems to be detached from the finest love novels, from the scenes of the most romantic Oscar awarded films, for which one I have publicly admit that I found in your relationship an inspiration that opened my heart for love.

Couple life is like a partnership, a continuous exchange of experiences, emotions, feelings of two different worlds – on one side the man’s world and the woman’s on the other. Each world part has received as it is, respected and loved. Love is not a duty, we belong to anyone even if there are stamps and signatures, the election is voluntary, the choice comes from the heart.

A marriage is strong when there is a mutual respect, consideration, honesty, help and understanding in the difficult moments of life, friendship and unfeigned love.

A marriage is strong when there is communication and it is not place for the selfishness, because love means not only receive but also to offer.

Protect each other, take care of each other, show everyday how the true love looks!

From the first day of the world is known that no rope, no chain can not bind as tightly as love does.

Day by day you will learn how to protect each other of all sadness of life, how to be patient and how to forgive your mistakes. The marriage is a new chapter in your life that will take you on a road with obstacles that you will easily overcome only beeing together. I wish you to go safely over all hardships and taste of the joys offered in result.

I wish that your love to last until old age, to keep flickering in your eyes, the joy and the enthusiasm that you have now to be continued.

You are very lucky that the from seven billion people living on earth, you’ve found each other, the half who loves you every day, is thinking of you day and night, with which you will slighly move thru pain and with who you will live more intense the happiness.

Nowhere the person can be happier than in the middle of his family. It’s easy to get married, but hard to make a family. It takes two people to dare to leave their life and start another – confident, patient, loving and strength to withstand the test of years. By joining your destiny, you will start to build a life together, more beautiful than that life you could build yourself. I wish you that God provide you, bless your family and guide your steps towards to a shining future! Wish you to share only the joy and fulfillment in marriage that has just begun and enjoy every moment that you will live together.

Wisdom and love in your family life, happiness! Happy wedding!

“Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.”  Oscar Wilde




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